Frostlee presents wind machines to protect gardens from frost

The acute issue of protection of orchards, vineyards and berries from frosts has recently caused genuine interest among farmers in Ukraine and other countries of the region. That is why organizers of the largest fruit and vegetable conference in the country Vegetables and Fruits of Ukraine 2021 decided to include in the program a presentation of company Frostlee, which is an exclusive representative of one of the largest companies producing wind machines for frost protection in a number of countries of our region, including Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Uzbekistan.
As already mentioned in the analytical material about climate risks  "How to protect your garden and vineyard from frost? Methods of protection, their effectiveness, cost and availability", the use of wind machines is one of the most effective both in terms of cost and physical possibility to use methods of reducing yield losses due to radiation frosts. This method has a number of advantages over others, and in intensive orchards usually pays for itself in the first serious frost.
In addition to reducing quantitative yield losses, wind machines or simply "windmills" also reduce fruit quality losses, which is also of great importance in the modern fruit and vegetable business, since low-quality fruit nowadays can only be sold for processing 5-10 times cheaper than high-quality fruit.
However, the main disadvantage of wind machines is quite a long waiting period for their delivery, because at the moment the demand for them significantly exceeds the supply. Therefore, for those who want to provide their garden with protection for next spring, it is advisable to place an order as early as this year.
Though most of the leading brands of wind machines are not taking orders for the whole year of 2022,  Frostlee still has a chance to deliver some machines to Ukraine before the sap starts to flow in the gardens in the spring of 2022.

Source: EastFruit

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